Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes

In this collection, we have got Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes which can help you save a huge chunk of time. These Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes are packed with all the necessary components. If you are developing the angular app it is necessary to get a proper admin panel theme that has all the necessary components so that you can easily create your own dashboard layouts. These Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes can be easily customizable with your brand colors and layouts. These Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes are a perfect choice, they might get hard on your pocket but these Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes are all-rounder they contain various plugins and many addon features over the free angular html5 admin panel themes. These Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes are being customizable and efficient. With this Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes, you can save a huge chunk of time for designing the UI and focus properly on the backend of your portal. So without the delay lets have a look at Best Premium Angular HTML5 Admin Panel Themes.

Vito - Angular 9 (NgRx State) Admin Dashboard Template - ($19)

We’ve added ready to use pages. With many more upcoming pre-builts, Vito’s harmonious design and super clean looks will make your webapp look beautiful and elegant. This template works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets, and phones. Every page is fully responsive and retina ready, making your creation look good on any device.

Mintone - Angular 9 Admin Template - ($25)

Mintone is the most flexible & performance centric Angular 9 Admin Template around the other admin dashboard templates. It comes with high end pages and components with highly responsive design. Code Performance is our key point while developing Mintone Admin Template and we’ve really nailed it with lots of high end testing. Mintone is made over only for high performance and we’ve achieve our great effort on it in terms of responsive testing through various devices AND also Design validated by Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix and HTML code validated by W3C

Pangong - Angular 9 Admin Dashboard + UI Kit - ($49)

Pangong is an Angular 8 admin template that uses Bootstrap 4.3.1. it also has lots of unique and beautifully designed page designs. Pangong provides you lots of other reusable UI elements and widgets. Pangong has a ton of pre-built material that includes 10+ dashboards, Authentication Pages, app examples, profile, invoice template, multiple pages options, and lots of reusable components; which makes it a great kick-starter for your project. With Pangong’s UI components library (1000+ components in different categories), you can actually get more time on building stuff, rather than editing pixel distances.

Fiva - Angular & HTML Admin Dashboard - ($9)

Fiva is a new Modern Admin Dashboard template based on Angular 8 and Bootstrap 4. This template is coming with different types of reusable and professional responsive components with multiple variations. Also, a mega-collection of features can help using this template for Small to Medium and Large sizes of projects including Personal projects, eCommerce, CRM, ERP, SaaS, PaaS, CMS, Back office and Accounting Software backend, etc.

Modern Admin - Angular 9+ Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template - ($24)

Modern Admin – Angular 9+ Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template – is a combination of clean design and modular code structure which makes it most developer friendly & highly customizable Angular 9+ Admin Dashboard Template. If you’re a developer looking for an Angular Admin Dashboard that was made with you in mind, look no further than Modern Admin. A powerful admin dashboard template built on Angular CLI. Modern Admin is developer-friendly, rich with features. We’ve followed the leading industry standards to bring you the very best admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build modern application with very little hassle.

Epic UI - Angular HR Admin Dashboard Template - ($22)

It’s responsive Anular 8x admin template, which is based on the Bootstrap 4X framework. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications.

Eleven - Multi-Purpose Bootstrap Admin Template - ($14)

Eleven – Multi-Purpose Bootstrap Admin Template is a creative admin template which comes with a React Next.js variant, angular variant, gohugo variant as well as an HTML/CSS/JS version. It comes out of the box with support ffor light and dark colour schemes, animated icons as well as a myriad of other features. With this, you get all you need to start working on your React/Angular/HTML SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard based project.

Bamburgh - Angular Bootstrap Admin Dashboard & UI Kit Template - ($47)

Find out what are the main features and also what’s included in Bamburgh Admin Dashboard. Bamburgh UI Kit PRO, 12 pre-built dashboard pages, Light & dark sidebars, Expanded sidebar variations, 7 different application interfaces, 9 different user pages, Over 350 components included, Mini sidebar variations

Pages - Angular Admin Dashboard - ($16)

Meet pages The simplest and fastest way to build web UI for your dashboard or app. Our beautifully-designed UI Framework comes with hundreds of customizable features. Every Layout is just a starting point—you can style it to look any way you want.

Vego- Angular + Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template - ($9)

Vego is responsive angular and bootstrap dashboard template has backend and frontend and has 7 different layouts with boottrap 4.X. and SCSS and RTL support. Vego comes with SCSS configuration file, which helps you customise your template as per your needs and requirements and the posibilities are endless. Vego supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). IE11 is not fully supported.

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